Do you Re-set or do you Resume?

The other day, while riding with my husband, I glanced over and saw him tap a button the steering wheel. It was a button I have never used. The car hummed along nicely as it resumed its previous speed. Curious, I thought. This is the vehicle I drive 95% of the time yet I have never used that button. I observed him performing the same action on two more occasions during our drive.

The truth is I always ‘Re-set’ the cruise control. As I thought about that method of driving I realized the main reason I reset is about recall- between the time I set the cruise control and the time I break or slow for numerous reason, my mind has traveled over several situations, mentally added to numerous lists, observed several beautiful trees, flowers, clouds etc. I probably looked a the sign over a store and made a mental note of items I need, when I go to that store, or I may have passed a gas station, checked my gas gage, considered the financial situation in my wallet and scheduled my next gas purchase. And probably checked the clock to make sure I will arrive on time! By the time my speed has now deviated from the previous ‘set’ the idea of resuming my previous speed is totally alien to my recall, was it 55 MPH or 45 MPH or was I in a 25MPH zone last. Who wants to wrestle with all that when you’re driving? Needless to say, I will not use the resume button in the near future or probably never.

Do you resume or do you re-set?

This experience made me realize how important it is to slow down. Life has a way of moving too fast without our adding to the miles/per hour or the words/per minute or the thoughts per/millisecond.

I’m going to try to embrace the moment more often, pause long enough to take a breath and smile often enough that others don’t ask “What are you smiling about?” But even with my best effort I doubt I will ever use ‘resume’ because that’s about where I’ve been—– and I’m more about where I’m going.

May your day land Jelly side-up!