The race is on —–! Where, oh where, is the checkered flag?

When you attend a horserace you expect to see horses racing, the same is true of you attend a dog race. But, when you observe the ‘human race’ your expectations are not to watch a race? Or is it?

It seems that we as human beings are racing through life with a speed that exceeds all common rationale. If we hired someone to manage out time and their expectations were the same as ours, we would fire them within the first couple days telling them, “No one can keep up that pace!”

Yet we assign ourselves a schedule that cannot be achieved by human effort or skill. It simply cannot be accomplished at least at the level of expectation we hold.

So, how do we change this ‘racing’ as a human?

A checkered flag is used to indicate the race has ended. I encourage you to pick up the checkered flag and declare your racing human behavior has just ended.

Slow down, you’re missing the very life you are trying to live. It’s easier than you think. Have you ever played “King of the hill?” The flag is placed at the top of the hill and everyone scampers up the hill to capture the flag. Only this time the flag is the checkered flag and when you capture it you are granted the opportunity to stop racing. It’s your choice –hold your checkered flag near to your heart and start living a life that honors your existence and those around you. There is so much more to living a life of value than to be constantly rushing from one task to another.

I am involved in MOPS a (Mothers of preschooler’s group). Many of the women have determined they want to build a life with less anxiety and stress for their family. These women have captured the checkered flag.

Yes, we all experience times when we resort back to our old behaviors of racing, rushing and ranting, but things are different now—once we have experienced the benefits of having realistic expectations for ourselves and others and found the blessings far more valuable than the anxiety produced by our former obsessive misplaced expectations—we press on, we reach for the checkered flag again and declare victory!

May your day land Jelly Side-Up!