Have you noticed no one replies to “How are you? ”With the words, “I am happy.”

The most common reply is “Fine.”

When did the word happy, get displaced?

We wish others a “Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary?”

We don’t say, have a fine birthday or a fine new year or a fine anniversary.

Yet the word happy is not a word we use to describe our self, our situation or our state of being. What if we did? What if we were determined to acknowledge some part/place in our present situation where we could claim, “I am happy.”

What would happen if we reclaimed the word happy?

Is there an arrogance that is implied if we say we are happy?

Could one reply to “How are you” with the words “I’m happy we’re meeting.”

Would you take a moment today to look around you? There is so much in our daily life we take for granted. I used to work with a nurse who replied to the greeting “How are you?” Stating, “I awoke this morning and went to the bathroom all by myself. It’s a good day.”

You may laugh, but in truth many people do not easily accomplish this simple task we take for granted; especially those ‘waiting’ in a hospital bed or a nursing home for the assistance they need.

If our youth heard more adults proclaim “I am happy.” Would that restore hope?

Today I am happy. The sun is shining. My flowers are bursting forth with their last summer blooms and blueberries are still available in Michigan.

May the simple things in your life help you reply to the next inquiry of “How are you?” with a sincere smile as you say, “I am HAPPY.”

I wish you a HAPPY day today and a HAPPY tomorrow.

May your day land Jelly-Side-Up