“Who Cares?” Have you ever said those words? Have those words been spoken to you? Is the speaker saying, “I don’t care?” or are they asking, “Why do you care?”

Every so often, in our journey through life we meet someone ‘who cares’.

I’m sharing the photo of this one room country school, a building restored with much care and pride. It represents many things about our heritage that cannot be imparted to our youth through modern school buildings surrounded by a large fleet of yellow buses.

This little one room school country school, hidden away on a country road, stands as a small reminder of the value of education for those who brought their dreams to America; An America eager for their children to learn to read, write, learn math, history, poetry, art and science.  They believed education to be the key that would unlock the door for opportunity.

Many of the people who came to America could not read or write; yet they labored to provide buildings, buy books and provide teachers so their children could be educated. They worked to provide for you and they did not know you.

You are reading this blog because those who came before you cared.

A Greek proverb explains, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

This little school is evidence of the importance to plant and build for those yet to come. People who share this desire understand it is important to; encourage art we will not see, music we will not hear, science that explores worlds we shall never know.

So I ask you once again, “Who Cares?”

Every person who worked to bring you freedom, education, food, faith and the desire to plant trees for those who will one day not only enjoy the shade but carry on the desire that the future rests on the shoulders of those,


May your day land, Jelly Side-Up.