Little things!

So often the “little things” cannot be measured, not by world standards. The hug of a child, the word’s “I’ve missed you,” a brief note, or a single flower. All those little gestures and words are treasures to be stored in the memory of the receiver. Sometimes the only memory we have of a person is that single time they touched our life. 

You too have that ability to give a little thing, to enjoy a little thing, to treasure a little thing. Perhaps this blog will remind you of a time when someone recognized you, gave you a little gift or said something encouraging or special.

When I purchased this small cup I planned to use it and reduce my daily coffee consumption by claiming it as my coffee mug, but each time I pour my coffee in it and read the message, I am reminded of all the little ways I have been blessed, of all the small treasured memories I carry in my heart and I am reminded to enjoy the little things. 

A Weight Watcher leader once told our group, after the first bite every bite tastes the same. This small cup offers me hot coffee, uses less creamer and reduces my caffeine consumption, a three fold winner along with reminding me to— 


May your day land Jelly Side-Up