It’s baseball season and everywhere children are signing up for Little League. We want to know how our favorite professional team is shaping up for the season, will the new pitcher, home run hitter and that special first baseman be worth what they are being paid. Will my team win this year? In America we enjoy watching and participating in sports, and we cheer for our team through both wins and losses. 

So how about your team? The team you have around you. Do you have a team or would you rather go it alone? 

Recently a young woman asked me to join her team. She explained this would involve, praying for her, encouraging her and holding her accountable as she worked toward achieving her goals. After I read the job description I understood this was a serious commitment and I agreed. Each time we meet we discuss her team, her goals and the direction she is aiming to achieve

A team can help direct you toward your goals? How do you choose your team? Did you choose your team? Are you willing to consider a walk-on candidate, someone you didn’t consider to be capable or interested to be on your team? Will you give a break to the player who exhibits great desire and is goal directed rather than the most skilled? How flexible, teachable and resilient is your team?

After a few months I realized I too wanted a team, so I am building my team. I find it easy to procrastinate but my team members hold me accountable, they asked to hear my action plan and often offer sincere and wise guidance. 

I encourage you to consider building your team. There’s much to be learned and much to be achieved. Also consider seeking a coach, a person who has experience and knowledge in your target area. You may not hit that out of the park home run but having a team is a good first step. 

“For the body is not one member, but many.”

(God tells us to work together, to help each other, learn from each other and grow.)  

May you day land Jelly Side Up