Writing a “LOVE STORY” one day at a time. 

Have you noticed how stories are classified? There are mysteries, histories, and romances, to name a few. 

But the word “Love” requires it be followed by the word “Story”. 

Why is that? Is it because a noun requires a verb?

(No, because love is described as both a noun and a verb.)

Sometimes people misunderstand the words romance and love story. 

Life teaches us they have very different meanings. 

Reading a love story is different from living a love story. 

I invite you to consider, today, this day you are living another page of your ‘love’ story, because you are loved, and you have a story. 

Last week my husband and I spent several hours in the company of a couple who are nearing their 90’s. Throughout our time together they shared stories and spoke of their gratitude for each other, their family and friends. Our parting thoughts were, ”the greatest love stories, are often never written, they are lived.” Those love stories are carried forward in the lives of the people they have touched. 

We cannot all write stories that capture the reader, but we can live our life to the joy of our author. 

This year embrace the Love offered to you and write your story, one day at a time.

May your day land Jelly Side Up!