“Hallelujah”— “Anyway!”

There are days when it’s difficult to be grateful. Where is your gratitude today? Is it in your socks or even a little lower?

Sometimes we say the words “thank you” like a reluctant child. We perform the task but our heart is not in them. They are spoken as a perfunctory exercise. If you made New Years resolutions are you far enough along in the month of January to 1) not remember what they were or 2) wish you could forget them?

Gratitude is not only about the words spoken it’s also about our attitude, motivation and intent. Sometimes it’s a challenge to be grateful especially in our failures, when we disappoint others, or ourselves, when hard work doesn’t seem to accomplish what we had hoped. We forget to be thankful for the opportunity to try. At least that happens to me. I too questioned how to be grateful when disappointments happen.

That is until I read the saying “Hallelujah Anyway!” A friend made this little plaque for me for Christmas. It hangs in my kitchen and makes me smile.

The word “way,” in “anyway” reminds me God will make a way when there seems no way. I don’t have to understand, or know how or why.

So in those down and out moments, or times when you don’t understand, I encourage you to say “Hallelujah Anyway” and I hope it makes you smile.

May your day land Jelly Side Up!