Do you see anything unusual in this picture?

Have you ever missed an observation to the frustration of another person?

Relationships are strained when one person explains with some annoyance, “I told you that, weren’t you listening?”

Those experiences give new meaning to scripture where Jesus states, “Having eyes see ye not? And having ears, hear ye not?” Mark 8:18a

We continue thru life, tripping over things we didn’t hear and things we didn’t see.
Have you found the circle yet?

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand scripture, other times we understand it and it frustrates us because we know it to be true. We do know we have eyes and we do not always see and we do not always listen with out ears.

One answer to these conflicts might be to SLOW down, look and listen, be more intentional. It will take a few seconds of your time to find the circle in branches and it will take a few moments of your time to read this blog, but I hope those moments will bless you.

We miss so much of knowing each other and knowing God because we won’t pause.

I look out my window every morning during my devotional time at this tree. For twenty-three years, season in and season out, meaning the tree is with leaves for several months and without leaves several months. But this observation arrived on a day I needed to know God is present in each and every circumstance of my life, even when I don’t see or hear Him. His presence in not based on my eyes or my ears; it is based on Him.

Mark 8:18

May your day land Jelly Side Up