How long must I wait? Have you ever asked that question?
A couple weeks ago I saw something that astounded me.
I’ll share a picture.

Romans 8:24 “….Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? 25. But if we hope for what we do not see we wait for it with patience.

For twenty-three years we have waited for our large grape arbor to support the ‘fruit of the vine’. The deer have eaten the new shoots in the spring. We have fought fungus, blight and numerous other pests and diseases. We have also replanted many times. Every three or four years my husband would ask me to reconsider the growing of grapes and my reply was always the same.

“Let me try one more year.” I would fertilize, water, prune and nurture them and at best I would harvest four or five clusters of small sour grapes.

This year may be different. By all appearances we will have a harvest of fruit.

I wanted to share this picture because so many times when we pray for or about a situation and we have a short view. Waiting is not something we embrace. But when I saw this crop of grapes pushing through the wires I once again thought about God’s clock and God’s timing. This crop has encouraged me to hope for things unseen, to trust in God’s timing and to experience the joy of His bounty.

May your day land Jelly-Side Up!