Small Things.
Planting some flower bulbs near the back door last October didn’t mark any historical event on my calendar. I’m sure, one day, it occurred and got crossed off my to do list. But, this April, those little bulbs popped up through the earth and weathered all a Michigan spring can offer, amid days of snow, sleet, rain and freezing cold, the little flowers bowed their heads and waited. After the last storm, they appeared devastated. I was sure they were so damaged; the blossoms would not be restored. But here they are bidding us good-bye each time we leave and greeting us with a cheery hello each time we return home. I’ve never invited this tiny daffodil to my gardens before but they are worthy of another invitation. A tiny spring flower became a little thing with a big impact.
Sometimes we underestimate the power of the small thing. A child reminding us “We didn’t say grace.” The smile you shared, the kindness you offered, and the encouraging word you received may go unnoticed by others, but something appearing small is capable of a greater impact.

*Tete-a-tete” Miniature Daffodil classified as a Narcissus

Psalm 115:13 KJV “He will bless them that fear the Lord both great and small.”