Blog for April 2,
“Are you still there?’ or “Time to reboot!”

Recently my phone seized, locking open on a routing system, i.e. press 1 if press 2 if etc. The screen went black and I could not disconnect the call. I could not access support without knowing the numbers of the device. I drove eighteen miles to a Verizon store with my small black companion bouncing along in the seat next to me continuing to offer the same six options “press 1, etc.-6 over and over. Occasionally it asked “Are you still there?”

Arriving at the store, in a bit of a huff, I admit. The sales person, received my phone, pressed two buttons simultaneously for fifteen seconds and handed my friend/enemy back to me, now operational. Informing me, “sometimes it happens.” Yes, of course I apologized for my initial angst and left the store an obvious Boomer!
He explained, “a reboot returns our electronic device to its original settings!
It is good to reboot if your device has conflicting commands or issues and shuts down.”

Electronics are not easily understood. Contacting a tech support company may gain you assistance and return your device to ‘up and running’ or trouble shoot you through a dilemma, but when you ask them what caused the problem the reply is a shoulder shrug and the familiar reply, “It happens sometimes.”

This experience caused me to consider my life and situations others share with me. We don’t always know what is the last bit of information or situation that pushes us into a frozen state or loss of function/perspective, but we know when it happens.

It may help to ask a few questions:
• Did I get caught up in the doing and lose the passion?
• Have I neglected to be grateful for the simple blessings?
• Have I confused love with expectations?

If your screen goes dark, pause for fifteen seconds, push the buttons of your mind and your heart and reboot. Go back to the original source of your strength, “acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:6 KJV

Have you recently found it necessary to reboot?

May your day land Jelly side-up!