Blog for March Snow

Forecast – A major snowstorm will begin this afternoon, over the east coast and extending to parts of Kentucky.

This is the scene outside my home. In Michigan we expect snow in March. Yes, people in Michigan do get tired of shoveling, sliding to work on icy roads, and waiting for the snowplow to go through. But, we also know 1) we live where it snows 2) weather is unpredictable and 3) when spring comes the snow will melt.

We are an entertaining people. We choose to live where it rains and complain about the wet weather. We choose to live in Michigan and complain about the snow in March. Why? Because of all the reasons listed above and more. We are a complaining people and we do not appreciate interruptions in our lives.

Several years ago I was advised by a very wise person to note (using a slash mark) on my clipboard each time that day I was interrupted. At the end of the day she returned and we counted the marks together. She looked at me and asked, “Do you understand why you struggle to complete all your tasks considering the amount of interruptions you are experiencing?

“Yes” I agreed, continuing to feel discouraged.

Then she took my hand and said, “My dear, the interruptions are your work.”

Her insight profoundly changed how I view the unpredictable, the storms and the challenges. The interruptions were other people’s storms.

When storms come, and they will consider the interruption an opportunity to reach out to someone, and an arrow, directing you back to the one who walks with you through both the predicted and unpredicted storms.

Don’t put the snow shovel away.

May your day land Jelly Side-Up!