If you are like me, you are heading off to the fabric store, the yarn shop and the craft store with more enthusiasm than good sense. I knit a pair of fingerless mittens in October and immediately ask myself, “Can I get 20 pair of these made before Christmas?” Of course not! The same happens with doll clothes, aprons and dozens of other ideas. The truth is, I enjoy making gifts and i enjoy receiving hand made gifts. Somehow I have never achieved starting the projects in January. I have lived enough years to realize Christmas comes the same date each year, however that has not prompted me to start earlier or stopped my desire to make gifts. Last year I visited a vendors booth where I saw lovely hand knit hats for boys. I decided to celebrate her and ordered four. So perhaps I have turned a corner. This year I would celebrate the accomplished skills of others. I have scheduled attending a couple more Christmas craft shows. I will enjoy celebrating and honoring their artistic ability whether a fiber artist, author, quilter or crafter.

Yes this year I think I’ve turned a corner, maybe not quite, I did make Twenty-two felted pincushions fashioned in the style of Victorian hats.

Blessings to you from Mulberry Hill,