Jelly Side up – It’s Jelly making time and if you haven’t participated in making your own jelly, let me tell you,you have not experienced sticky, Sticky pans, sticky floor, sticky fingers and sticky jars.

After you get everything cleaned up you can experience sticky kids spreading delicious sticky jelly and jam on their own toast and waffles. Yes, it is a sticky season. On the other side there is the beautiful picture of jars of homemade jam and jelly on your pantry shelf. Those special jars you can tuck into a basket of scones for a Christmas gift or a little something to cheer a friend. Your children may enjoy taking a gift of jelly or jam to their teacher and telling her “I helped Mama make this.” It’s sticky and it’s messy, but so is life and what better way to make some memories than sticking together.

My college grand daughter stopped by yesterday and seeing the jars of jam on the counter, said “I remember making jam with Mom. I want to do that again sometime.” She probably will, but even better she knows how to make jam and someday she will get sticky with her children.

Hope you day lands Jelly Side Up.