Is there a parent alive who has not said “Are you listening to me?” Amid all the communication clammor we might ask  “Who is listening?

We heard those words when we were growing up.”Listen to me when I talk to you.” “Did you hear what I said?”  As I thought about my blog this week, I continued to consider the word listening. Then I read Psalm 49, it begins “Hear this all peoples.”

My friends are getting hearing aids and those devices, as improved as they are, add to the increased ‘background’ noise. So hearing more does not always mean hearing better.Toastmasters teaches if you want to improve your ability to speak, learn to listen. Listening can be a wonderful gift to give another. You may not remember the adult who gave you a toy or money, but you will forever remember the adult/person who listened to you. Read Psalm 49 and I hope today, you will make a committment to offer someone the gift of feeling heard.

Blessings on your day