Have you seen a sign like this?

Growing up on a farm we knew that sign meant —stay off this property— and we also knew that the owner probably had a plan for people who chose not to obey.

We learned about property rights when we were young. No one locked their doors where I grew up, but no one would ever enter another person’s home or barn or buildings or property without permission. It wasn’t done!

I’ve been thinking about No Trespassing signs, and what it means to trespass,

  • Most people do not intentionally enter another person’s property.
  • The word trespass is included in a prayer known and prayed by many people.
  • Could the word have a deeper meaning?

Do we trespass

  • when we mock someone’s person, dream, or goal?
  • when we try to force our opinion on another person? 
  • when we refuse to forgive another, or say “I’m sorry”??
  • when we share a confidence/or take advantage of another person?

Next time we see a No Trespassing sign, may it remind us to avoid trespassing and perhaps others— will avoid trespassing too.

Sharing a few thoughts!

May your day land Jelly Side Up!