This cup is designed for Writers— and Writers understand!

When I watch my dog sniffing the scent of a squirrel or rabbit, I am reminded of how I concentrate when I am in the writing mode, and searching for just the right mannerism or physical characteristic for a character. As all that is going on, sometimes my characters start dictating what they will and will not do. A character may even choose to walk away from the story plot. My careful crafting and research does not always delay their departure.  To continue, can cause delay, rewriting, and frustration that can last and hour or a decade. Sometimes the paper yellows, and the battery on the computer wanes, and the sticky notes fall to the floor. Irony of irony for the author, the story continues to nestle in their brain like small seed, struggling to find light and a fertile place to grow. 

To be caught up in the world of a story, is consuming, there is not enough coffee or chocolate or in the past as some famous authors concluded, enough liquids to satisfy the desire to get it on paper; before the escape happens, the middle dissipates like a shallow mud puddle on a sunny day or the end happens like a toy slowly unwinding to a stop and tottering over.

If it is so difficult to write, why do writers write? The answer lies in the heart of the question, because it is difficult. The challenge is can I get this story on paper in such a way as to interest others in what happens to these people, this situation or this event. 

Maybe it’s the same answer to the question of why someone would climb a mountain. People climb the mountain because the mountain is there!

Do you have a story you must write, a painting to paint, a mountain to climb? If you do, then you can understand a writer owning this coffee mug, and struggling to tell the story. 

May your day land Jelly Side-Up!