“SPLENDOR” is not a word I would use to describe this picture-maybe interesting or pretty!

For several days I walked past this cluster of yellow-gold domes with their layers of ruffled edges. I continued down the path, taking in the beautiful colors of the leaves, watching the squirrels gather nuts and scamper from limb to limb, listening to the birds calling out, enjoying the sounds and smells of autumn.

That is until……

Then one morning I noticed the cluster had been disturbed and one large domed object had been turned upside down. 

I kneeled!

In that brief moment the overcast sky opened and the morning sunlight filtered through the branches of the trees and exposed its delicate structure and intricacies, it was only a moment.

Time paused. 

I paused and witnessed “Forest Splendor.”

If I could wish something for you today I would wish you a moment like that moment.

There is so much more than what we see and yet fail to observe. 

I hope today you will go for a walk. 

Thank you for spending this corner of you day with me.

May your day land Jelly side up!