The beauty and delicacy of a humming bird never fails to make me smile.
If I want to see humming birds I could stand in my yard and shout
“I want humming birds to come to my gardens.” But that would not result in accomplishing my goal.

Humming birds visit when they are extended an invitation. This is a picture of my Heuchera garden. These flowers are also known by the common name of Coral Bells and humming birds love to hover over them and collect nectar. I plant these flowers and others to invite those delightful little creatures to visit.

Thinking about the words ‘by invitation’. How honored we feel when someone extends an invitation to us. How we plan and try to make it special when we invite someone to our home.

Last week a new friend invited me to come to her house some afternoon to see her quilts, sit on her deck and enjoy her gardens over a cup of coffee. When an invitation comes it is extended with the idea of we will share some time together.

Is the Lord extending an invitation to you to spend time with him? Are you sharing his invitation with others in your life? I know everyday is busy, but have you ever regretted the moments you paused to watch a humming bird?

May your day land Jelly Side Up!