Where’s the “How To” manual for the baby?
Grandmas will tell you–“It’s concealed in the baby.”

We are excited to share in the joy as our friends welcome their new baby daughter.

This morning I’m remembering the excitement of bringing my own new baby home from the hospital. Amid all the Mother’s day cards and flowers over the last weekend, we can well remember that questioning feeling of looking at our first born and wondering how will I know what I need to know to raise this child? Yet time passes and the child grows— teaching us along the way.

It’s fun to watch the Mom’s at MOPS as they cradle their tiny baby and say, “He/she likes to be held this way.” They speak of things they have learned about this small human being who claims their heart and without a pause assumes the task of making them parents. The wonder of a child is astounding but what that tiny child can do in the heart of parents is even more astounding.

One of my favorite things is to attend an event where children are playing a sport or participating in a concert or recital and photograph the parents. Pictures of the children often capture the same intense expression, but photograph the parents and your photos show the full range of expressions, pride, fear, anxiety, hope, joy, happiness, you name it and it’s there, in their clutched fists, tense body, shining eyes and smiles.

Welcome to the world new baby girl. Welcome to your new family, your extended family and to the circle of your parents friends.

We look forward to meeting you.

May your day land Jelly Side Up!