Too Much Time!

Did that grab your attention? I’m sure you’re thinking, “I never have enough time.”

But, that’s exactly what I’m talking about, the oppression of time.

Our microwave died! That’s not profound but what followed is – I enjoy having that microwave clock out of my kitchen.

I confess I have an aversion to digital clocks. I prefer clocks that have hands. There is freedom in having only one clock in the kitchen and I have to intentionally look down to see the time. It’s not an ‘in your face’ eyelevel clock that demands attention every time I pass through the room. I realized my life had too much time (information). What I mean is too many time machines; a vanity clock, two alarm clocks, clocks on my computer, my television, my cable box, the alarm system, the stove, the microwave, clocks in every room of the house and on the dash of my car. The most demanding clock is the one on my cell phone? Do I need a constantly visible clock on my cell phone? The answer is No!

Early telephones did not have a clock. It will amuse you to know in time past, we had to call the ‘time operator’ to find out the time.

I’m a country girl I know when it’s sunrise, noon and sunset. Between those times are appointments and meetings with other people but I don’t need to see multiple clocks, digitally changing, every minute, twenty-four hours each day to be punctual.

As a society, it doesn’t matter how many clocks we have, the same people are always late and the same people are always early. I had a friend who wore a wristwatch that said 1ish, 2ish, 3ish. Etc. Her watch explained her companionship with time.

In sharing my observations, I hope you will join me and relinquish allowing a clock to diminish all you have accomplished today. Catch a sunrise, embrace a sunset and rejoice that you have experienced the moments of this day. Refuse to be oppressed by “Too Much Time!”

May your day land Jelly Side Up