It’s time! Beware – the seed package selection is getting picked over. I am redesigning gardens, reclaiming borders through crab and quack grass, transplanting and dividing hosta plants.

The raspberries have been pruned and the lettuce and peas planted. It’s so much more fun to garden when the daffodils, tulips and Johnny jump-ups are there to greet me. I wonder do people who live in milder climates appreciate spring as much as those of us who live through the bitter below zero temperature of winter? I’m always excited to see what plants survived and where I can place new plants. I keep hearing that man from a donut commercial years ago who in a very weary voice would say, “Time to make the donuts.” I know it time–time to shrink the gardens. Time to plant more shrubs and decrease the areas to weed, water and cultivate. Yes, it’s time, three score years and ten. I’ill try, I really will. If I promise not to make any new gardens, would that be okay. Yes, I’ll work on  less, but it might be –next year. 🙂 Enjoy the Spring!

Blessings on your day,