Have you attended school recently? The days of reading, writing and arithmetic have experienced an explosion equal to all that is happening around us.

A seventh grade student invited me to his school. The purpose, 1) to videotape an interview with me about my book and my writing experience in recognition of March as reading month and 2) to later present the interview to all the students and encourage their reading and writing endeavors.

I must tell you I am absolutely amazed.

The students were working in a technology lab. The teacher reviewed their individual assignments and off they went in pairs to complete their projects. As the student who invited me, reviewed our video taped interview, the teacher turned to me to discuss the concept, goals and tasks of the students projects. I am not savvy with technology. It was a thrilling experience to observe the students. They were working with camera’s similar to the one I saved for years to purchase. There was not a jealous bone in my body. I wanted to go back to school. I listened to the teacher explain the projects and I am sure she noted my deer-in-the-headlights look as she used words I have never heard and do not know their meaning. “Yes,” I nodded and thought how much I would like to be in this classroom.

No, it’s not reading, writing and arithmetic as we knew it, it’s better, bigger and world equivalent.

I realized as I walked through the school on my departure, growing up as I had, I could not survive in the open classroom atmosphere. But, I did wonder if I had grown up with the level of technology and in the environment of these students perhaps I too could shut out what didn’t apply to me and focus on my task.

Either way, I must say I was excited for the students and the teacher, to witness everywhere, the eagerness to learn.

A thank-you to my friend Thomas, I enjoyed the visit. I am excited about the future, especially your future.

Blessings shared from Nelle