Psalm 48 – My adult children tell me they don’t need to know how to read a map, they have GPS!

GPS is wonderful except when and where is doesn’t work, like in mountians or on a military base. GPS also does not work without a power source. Psalm 48, explains why we need to know God’s word. Vs. 13 tell us to consider Zion, that we may tell the next generation. When you are seeking directions, you ask someone you think may know the answer. What if the person seeking information about the scripture turns to you? Are you prepared? Do you study that you may tell the next generation. Someone studied so they could tell you! If you want to learn about the scriptures sign up for a Bible study at your church. Sign up to help teach a Bible study class. Offer to help with Vacation Bible School. If the Bible is intimidating purchase a childrens Bible story book and read the stories. If you are seeking direction, it’s not a safe plan to count on someone else’s GPS. It may not have a good power source and worse yet it may not get you where you would like to go.

Blessings on your day